Springwood preschool’s and nurseries provide a fun, challenging but safe learning environment for children of all ages, where children can grow and develop as they learn through play. 

We focus daily on communication experiences as well as lots of sensory play. Children and babies have the opportunity to explore with our natural and wooden resources and our great outdoors!

We offer a child centred approach. We support child-initiated play through planned experiences. Children in our care have a choice and a voice, choosing play that interests them, supported by highly qualified and experienced staff who support every child’s learning providing each child with the best start in life.

Our Aim

Springwood’s aim is to provide a welcoming, safe but challenging environment where children can learn at their own pace whilst having fun.

Our children are encouraged with the support of our friendly staff to experience challenge through play. Play enables children to progress and develop new skills. Learning through play allows the children to talk and think for themselves.
The staff at Springwood are guided by the national curriculum for 0-5 years called the Early Years Foundation Stage. We see every child as an individual learner.

Why Pick Us?

Springwood offers a strong confident knowledgeable team who cater for all children with individual needs who need additional support through their  early years. Each of our settings have a Local SEND offer to support children with SEND.

All our settings offer Stay and Play sessions for parents/guardians to join us to see what their child is learning, cooking sessions , library bus sessions, Pe, Preschool and nursery outings and more!

Springwood is guided by The Early Years Foundation Stage supporting  children’s learning and development.

We offer FREE funded childcare for children 2,3&4 years old.