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Recently graded ‘GOOD’ by Ofsted July 19th 2016– Springwood Park Preschool and Nursery is a privately owned day care setting, set on the grounds of Park Community school.


We support HMRC in providing 30 hours FREE childcare from September 2017

Springwood is licence provides availability for 15 babies and 30 preschool children at one time. Springwood Park is a new build setting, divided into two separate buildings. One building for nursery children 0-2 years and one building for preschool children 2-5 years.

Each building has its own garden full of sand pits, climbing equipment, digging areas, messy stations and more catering for the appropriate age group.springwoodpark-0786

Our nursery provides soft play, a sensory room, natural resources and cubby holes where young children can learn and develop in a safe space. Our preschool space is divided into learning zones giving children an opportunity to learn maths, literature, creative, physical and social development throughout  their day with us.


On our school site we have pet goats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, our children have access to pet and feed the animals through out the week.
springwoodpark-0766We have a sleep room for all children to use throughout each day, providing cots, fresh bedding, blankets or cot beds for older children.

The setting supports children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and children who speak English as an additional language. Please view our Local offer tab to understand what support we offer each day.

We support children’s learning guided by The Early Years Foundation Stage- EYFS ( the early years national curriculum). We encourage our parents to gain understanding of the EYFS to support their children’s learning at home as well as at nursery/preschool.

Springwood Park is insured by The Pre-school Learning Alliance.


Springwood Park is open 51 weeks per year Monday – Friday 730 am – 6 pm.

Children are able to arrive any time throughout the day between the hours of 730 am and 6 pm. All sessions are booked in advance prior to attending.

Price guide for Springwood Park:

Hourly rate for 0-2 years – £5.75

Hourly rate for 2-5 years – £5.00

Full day rate for 0-2 years (10 hours) – £48 (includes breakfast, lunch and tea)

Full day rate for 2-5 years (10 hours) – £45 (includes breakfast, lunch and tea)

Full week rate for 0-2 years – £255 (includes meals)

Full week rate for 2-5 years – £210 (includes meals )

Half day rate for 0-2 years – £25

Half day rate for 2-5 years – £23.50

Single preschool session (2-5 years ) – £15

meals prices :

Breakfast – £2.50 (when purchased separately)

Lunch £2.50 (when purchased separately)

Tea £2.50 (when purchased separately)


We except 2,3,4, year old Government Funding. This is 570 hours free to use through out the year, either 15 hours per week during term time or 11 hours per week which spread over the year including the holidays! Holiday club prices are the same as term time.

We supply hot dinners, lunch and breakfast. Breakfast, lunch and tea is £2.50 per meal, per day, per child. Please see above.

We provide snacks each session for all children respecting dietary requirements. We ask parents to provide snacks each day or pay £1 towards snack costs each week (children attending a full day rate, snack costs are included)

We ask all children age 2-5 years to wear our school uniform to protect children’s own clothes and prepare children for their school transition. T-shirts costs £5, jumpers £10. Uniform sizes start from 1-2 years, 3-4 years and age 5.

Please click on “resources” to view Ofsted reports for Springwood

Staff at Springwood, Waterlooville


Rachael- Owner

Rachael is owner of Springwood, she has nine years experience working in child care. Rachael is qualified NVQ L3 in Childcare and holds a foundation degree in early child hood studies level 5. Rachael supports Springwood in providing high quality childcare and education to children 0-5 years.

springwoodpark-0794 Kay – Manager

Kay has many years of experiences working in childcare and with families, Kay has spent time supporting Barnardos working with vulnerable families, she has worked in a nursery setting in leader role for many years before stepping up to Manger at Springwood in September 2015 when the new setting opened. Kay brings an enthusiastic and determined energy to Springwood, she thrives for children’s learning and is supported by a strong and friendly team. Kay is SECNO for Springwood, looking after children with additional needs.






Michelle Franklin – level 2 Rising two’s practitioner

Michelle is level 2 qualified currently working towards my level 3. I’m married with two young children. I love to bake and cook and spend lots of time making memories with my children.





Sophie Rowsell – level 3 practitioner Bank staff

Sophie enjoys music, dance and drama, her passion is to entertain. Sophie is keen to sing with children and join in on there PE sessions. Sophie is also a qualified swimming teacher and volunteers for Rainbow’s outside of her working hours.

Springwood Park Pre-school and Nursery

Middle Park Way




02392 489830


SEND Local Offer 2016


  1. How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?


All children attending the nursery are observed on their learning and development. These assessments will identify if your child needs additional support. Your child will be monitored and supported by the nursery and outside agencies with parental consent. Each child has a key person, the child’s main care giver at nursery. Discussions with you and your child will take place with their key person. Springwood cater for children with special educational needs such as autism, speech and language difficulties, behavioural problems, , disabilities and social communications difficulties. 

Springwood cater for the local diverse community and actively involve groups such as traveller. The nursery are supported by EMTAS Ethnic Minority Traveller Achievements Service. EMTAS support the nursery and families with communication barriers, EAL English as an additional language etc.  

The nursery includes all families in parent evenings, home school books and the completion of an ‘All About Me’ book on admission, learning the child’s starting points.




  1. How will early years setting staff support my child?


Springwood staff are widely trained in a lot of areas which includes speech and language, autism (Thomas) training and behaviour management. Springwood’s key person approach involves each key person to plan around their children’s individual needs. Each key person tracks their child’s development and reviews their progress termly at parents evening. The home link diary supports communication between parents and key persons. A key person will log in the diary what the child is working on each term and what activity their parents can carry out with the child at home to support their learning. On induction each child receives an ‘All About Me’ form which focuses on their strengths, areas for development, home life, interests and language. Observation, assessment and planning along with the routine of the nursery is explained on induction. Each year Springwood send a Parents’ Questionnaire to each family to gather opinions on the service and support we provide to children and their families. The results are used to inform nursery developments. 

The nurseries SENCO special educational needs coordinator role within the setting is to be familiar with the SEN Code of Practice, monitor records and ensure they are kept up to date regarding to your child’s information, learning and progress, establish and maintain positive relationships with our parents informed of any progress, ensure the nursery staff are familiar with the SEN policy and that it is reviewed annually, and support staff with SEN children. The nursery SEN liaises with the InCO and other professionals, attends SEN support group and coordinates transitions to school. 

The SENCO when in need of support from the InCO regarding your child would undertake a process of referral. A form ‘child of concern’ would be completed and a meeting arrange for the InCO to attend the setting to observe your child.



  1. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?


Every child is different. We take into consideration your child’s progress and plan and support the child at their own pace. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as a guide for a child’s development .The nursery’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and Behaviour Coordinator (BECO) helps children who need extra support. They will provide each child’s key person with support and activities for your child to learn within the area of need. Progress will be evidenced in your child’s learning journal and Individual Educational Plans (IEP) will be written to support learning in the nursery and in the home. IEP’S will be reviewed termly to view your child’s progress. Observations are taken on your child and an assessment is made, which will highlight areas of development that may need to be focused on. Planning will be addressed within these areas of learning.



  1. How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?


Learning journals hold each child’s observations and assessments, tracking sheets (this form is a guide of where a child ‘should be’ developing), the child’s creative work, along with a photo album telling the story of the child’s progress. Individual Educational Planning forms will also be found within learning journals which explain what area of learning your child needs support in and how the key person and parent can support this at home and at the nursery. Springwood preschool and nursery assess each child’s development through 2 and 3 year old progress checks, this is how Springwood monitor and adapt targets to maintain and challenge a child’s development progress. Parents are their child’s first educator; Springwood nursery involve their parents in their child’s learning and development. Parents are encouraged to be involved in supporting their child’s learning at home. Springwood have an open door policy, parents are welcome to come in at any time. Key persons will discuss daily with you, how your child is doing and any progress made. Termly parent’s evenings are focused on the child development. Springwood newsletters are posted on our website monthly, our newsletters contain dates for coffee mornings, parents evening and extra outing trips. Newsletter can be printed for parents who have not got internet access.


  1. What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?


Springwood staff can administer prescribed medicines with parental consent. A child with behaviour difficulties will be supported by each member of staff. The nursery Behaviour Officer will ensure each child has Individual Education Plan in place to support their needs. Springwood have a policy in place to support behaviour, Special educational needs and disabilities and inclusion. The child and their family along with the Area InCo service and possibly other agencies such as Portage Plus (a service devoted to supporting children and families with behaviour difficulties) will work together with the nursery to ensure the child receives the amount of support needed. Every child has a choice and a voice. Children are invited and supported to play, learn and develop; however Springwood staff respect that this is on your child’s terms. The nursery has a sensory area to encourage calm down time. Choice boards are located around the nursery to encourage different types of play. Emotions and feeling are discussed within the letters and sounds activities session. Small language groups are held throughout the session to encourage positive language and social skills and to build self-confidence.                                                                                                                            



  1. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?


Each staff member is fully qualified in National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 3 or above in child care. They are all first aid trained, and have attended advanced safeguarding training. The nursery’s SENCO has attended course such as SENCO Induction training, Thomas training for autistic children and attends termly SENCO network meetings which contain important changes, legalisation or new ideas and resources to support children with SEN. 

 The nursery has had basic Makaton training. Springwood use Makaton signing through songs and rhymes, within our language activity groups and through general play, snack time, nappy changing etc. Sign and symbols are displayed around the setting in the appropriate areas to support our children’s communication skills. Springwood has policies and procedures in place to support the running of the nursery and the safety and wellbeing of the children and staff. 

Springwood work together with Portage to support children with behaviour troubles. We have had strong support from our children’s centres Specialist Teacher Advisors with help in developing the setting in to a calm sanctuary for children to learn, play and feel safe in. 


  1. What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?


Springwood have five members of qualified staff, each member of staff holds a NVQ L 2/3 or more with in childcare. Springwoods manager holds a degree within Early Childhood Studies L5. Each member of staff has attended speech and language training and letters and sounds focus groups. The settings BECO, SENCO and manager has attended Behaviour management training. Springwood staff have attended training in Makaton. Each member of our team are qualified in First aid and have attended advanced Safeguarding training. The manager is Asthma trained.


  1. How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?


Trips and outings are advertised through a monthly newsletter. Parents give consent to outing on Springwoods admissions forms when your starts Springwood. Parents and carers are invited to attend if they wish. Depending on their need children will have a one to one support worker outside the nursery. This will be their key person. Visual timetables and picture exchange are used to prepare your child and explain what is going to happen on the outing, allowing them to feel comfortable at all times when out of the nursery.



  1. How accessible is the early years setting environment? (Indoors and outdoors)


Springwood is fully wheelchair accessible. Located around the nursery there are routine time lines demonstrating through photos, symbols and signs the structure and routine of each sessions, visual flash cards (symbols, signs and photos are used to support your child with ‘what happens next’, flash cards can be used to encourage your child in taking part in activities) . Each member of staff supports their key group, and is there to support your child when needed. Throughout the nursery along with signs, language boards, and flash cards children will find dual language books and stories in their own language. The nursery has access to an interpreter if needed. 

Springwoods outside environment is spacious. Our back garden has many resources and experiences to offer. We have a grassed with bamboo tree which add a calming feeling our garden, areas which contain a digging area and an opportunity for your child to view wildlife such as bugs and worms. Springwoods garden provides challenging activities for children to take part in we have big tractor tyres to climb on, boards creating wooden planks along with milk crates and guttering to create structures. Springwood offer quite calm areas for your child to read, and relax in. Bikes and trikes can support children’s physical development along with the space for running, and jumping.


  1. How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new setting / school?


Springwood advice new children and families to attend play days before they start to support the child’s settling process. Play days allow an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s key person and create a bond with their family, which in time will settle the child when the parents decide to leave the child. The setting offers home visit to meet the family and child in the home environment. The setting offer uniform to the family to support with the transition. For children attending infant school, transitions are supported in the same way. Infant school teachers come and visit the child at the setting. The child will get the opportunity to visit their school on more than one occasion. Springwood have school transition books for the school in our local area. These are photo albums of each school, we have a school uniform box for the school leavers to dress up in their new uniform.



  1. How are the early years setting’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?


Special Education Needs (SEN) funding is allocated to your child where appropriate. A meeting is held with the child’s family and the key person to discuss how the funding should be spent for the benefit of your child. The majority of the time in the early stages of the funding it would usually be spent to increases staff ratio for a child to gain one to one time with their key person through the week. SEN funding can be used to support staffs training where needed to support children. Funds could be spent on providing resources for children for example to develop an area of learning to support the child’s needs. We cater for EYPP funding around each child who is eligible to receive the funding.


  1. How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?


Your child’s key person will observe and make a decision on whether your child will benefit from additional support. The key person will discuss this with the nursery’s SENCO and manager. Never have we in Springwood ever turned down the opportunity to support a child. The extra support is promptly put into place and supported by all team members. An Individual Education Plan is written for the child with parental input. This is reviewed over a term to learn what impact the support has had on your child, and what should be put in to place next.

  1. How are parents involved in the early years setting? How can I be involved?

Parents and the key person work together on their child learning and development. Parent’s evenings are held termly, and it’s here that the planning for the individual child takes place. This planning is for home and for Springwood. Both parties review their child’s progress throughout the term and discuss through the child’s daily diary or face to face contact. Springwood organises messy mornings, play and stay, bring a man to school day, to involve parents and carers in their child’s learning.



  1. Who can I contact for further information?


A parent’s first point of contact is their child’s key person. Springwood has an open door policy and parents and carers are welcome to come in at any time to discuss their child’s progress. If not by face then by phone. We have a telephone 02392 489830, Springwood has a website which has an email system for parents to contact, or a contact form, you can also contact via Facebook by searching for Springwood Park Preschool and Nursery



“We hope we have answer any worries or questions concerning SEND. We hope to meet you soon.”








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